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B-BBEE Advisory Services Within the Real Estate Sector

South Africa's economic and social change is a developing and fluid subject, with our actions writing the rules as they go. These actions—both positive and negative—have been represented in the revisions made to the Revised Codes of Good Practice (RCoGP) during the past seven years and reflect the Department of Trade and Industry's assessment of the development to date. 

Today, BEE compliance is practically required for every firm. The real estate industry is no different. Our BEE consulting experts use a transformational approach to make sure that your BEE plan within the real estate sector is not just a compliance exercise that you check off but is also in line with your company strategy for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Building a B-BBEE Strategy 

Our consultants' combined corporate expertise enables us to create a delivery-oriented strategy, and our tried-and-true techniques have successfully boosted the value provided to our customers' businesses. These technologies help and enhance the "best practice" in BEE and annually generate outstanding validated scorecards. We provide support for the BEE planning process within the real estate sector.

Implementing B-BBEE

It is important to recognize that BEE compliance has emerged as a critical component of conducting business in South Africa. How you apply BEE has an impact on how you may stand out in the market. BEE compliance has changed significantly as a result of the most recent revisions to the Revised Codes of Good Practice (RCoGP). For both larger and smaller organizations, we provide continuing BEE compliance training and technical help to adapt to these developments.

Skills Development

In order to satisfy your organization's demands for training and skill development, Phoenix offers a variety of authorized Learnerships alternatives specifically for the real estate sector in South Africa.  While developing fruitful working partnerships with its training providers, complete compliance with the Skills Development Act guarantees that a business will fulfill the established B-BBEE targets.

By giving them a respectable opportunity to learn, develop, and make a constructive contribution to society and the general economic health of the nation. Upskilling the workforce empowers people.

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